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Terms of Use
The Morningstar.com Discuss area is an open forum for discussion among registered Morningstar.com members with Posting Accounts. The Discuss area is viewable by all visitors, but a Posting Account is required to post questions or answers on the boards.

Use of the Discuss area on Morningstar.com is subject to terms of the Free Membership Agreement.

Deletions and Terminations
We reserve the right to delete posts without warning. At any time, the board moderator may edit posts that violate our standards. We reserve the right to terminate Posting Accounts without warning. Members are responsible for all posts made through their Posting Account.

Posting Standards
To keep the Morningstar.com Discuss area a civil and respectful forum for debate and discussion, all members are prohibited from posting content:

Containing language not permitted on public airwaves
Containing pornographic, racist, or sexist language
Containing threatening language
Containing personal attacks against other Morningstar.com members or employees
Containing blatantly misleading, false, fraudulent, or illegal information
Containing promotional content
Containing copyrighted content
Containing personal information about others
Under more than one Posting Account

Posts violating the standards listed above, but not limited to those standards, may result in the removal of the post and/or immediate termination of the user's Posting Account. Morningstar.com will be the sole arbiter of violations.

Morningstar expressly disclaims any responsibility for the content or accuracy of any information posted to this area and for any trading, investment or other decisions made on the basis of this information. The views and opinions expressed in the Discuss area are solely those of the posting participants. Morningstar, Inc. cannot prevent all dishonesty and posts that are made in violation of our Terms of Use, and shall not be held liable for any losses that might occur based on information transmitted in the Discuss area.

If you feel that any member is in violation of the Terms of Use detailed above, please report it by clicking on the "Flag" button. A moderator will review the report and take any action necessary.

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